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Buildings define the character of a city, not only with their outer look. Common spaces inside them, like entrance hall or stairway, have their own aesthetics, sounds and smells. They tell us about the people inhabiting the building. Austrians even have their own german word for these spaces: Stiegenhaus. In this project, I put the focus on them to expose an additional, intimate aspect of the city of Vienna. Most of these pictures were taken in old working-class houses and buildings, usually far from the city center, providing a new view of the city and a shocking contrast to the charm of classic, imperial Vienna that tourists expect to find when they visit the city.

SchinnaglgasseBenedikt-Schellinger-GasseKuefsteingasseYppenplatzHickelgasseSchweglerstraßeKriemhildplatzGeblergasseNeustiftgasseBeckmanngasseSchottenfeldgasseZieglergasseJurekgasseLange GasseSchneidergasseHofstattgasseHütteldorferstraßeNeubaugasseBenedikt-Schellinger-GasseMollardgasseÖlweingasseGeblergasseArnethgasseNordbergstraßeMärzstraßeLorenz-Bayer-PlatzMärzstraße
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